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This website and blog was made to showcase the dolls and creative doll works of the virtual persona Star Fairymeadow and her real life human.


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More Halloween Goodies!

10/13/2009 18:58
I couldn't resist. Making more and more tree things *grins* I painted a face on the pumpkin that I used for the Pumpkin Grass (see below) and made some Jack o' Lantern lights. Here is a close up of the pumpkin! You can see the real deal outside my shop in...

Pumpkin Hunt Coming Soon!

10/13/2009 18:57
                  Details Coming Soon! Involving some of the Wretched Hollow merchants as well. I am so proud of myself, too! I painted those pumpkins in PS with my Wacom. The grass base was made from some random PS brushes that I...

Halloween Town Goodies!

10/13/2009 18:52
I have been a busy, busy bee creating Halloween goodies. I've been compared to Tim Burton quite a bit as of late. I guess it's my inability to create really scary stuff. Everything just seems to come out creepy and cute, which has often been the way that people describe me. I guess I just like to...

Purloined Topaz for Halloween!

10/13/2009 18:45
Another addition to the Purloined Collection just in time for Halloween. Also has a matching hat and jacket. Co-ordinates with the Charcoal edition of this set. This set is priced 100L less than the others as I didn't do 2 sock and 2 panty option. For sale at my main store location SLURL:...

Purloined Outfits

10/13/2009 18:16
If you didn't know by now, I am in love with Victorian and Neo-Victorian clothing. I cannot resist making some longer skirts and really look forward to making more!                       This outfit took weeks to come together. With me...

Beacon Hill Dollhouse

08/13/2009 14:56
Grins! It's a itty bitty dolly house with working doors! Lucky Chair version does not include the pose that you see in the following photos. Not yet anyway. I have Imed the creator in hopes of receiving a copy/trans version of the pose. Photos were taken using the display set up in my shop.  

Viktorian Mansion

08/06/2009 22:43
Sold at Wretched Dollies with kind permission from Mr. Kronos. Beautiful Gothic Victorian home with 3 floors. Includes gas lamps and fog balls. Viktorian Mansion comes out of the box with two floor plans as we realize that some of you may like a larger upper floor. The house is mod so you can...

Swansong, Rezzables last event

07/30/2009 06:45
So, some time back I was invited to participate in the last event at Black Swan, Swansong. It is an honor to be a part of the festivities and my first fashion event in SL. Needless to say, I was really excited and nervous. The outfits were to be based on the Elements of earth, Air, Fire or Water....

Lord and Lady Hollow

07/30/2009 06:18
Inspired by Wretched Hollow and a somewhat Victorian/Elegant Gothic Lolita style, the Lord and Lady Hollow outfits feature real and handpainted details. Both outfits come with a ton of options for you to play with. And hats! You can also pick up 2 skins to match the...

Dark Delia

06/08/2009 07:05
She's like a little piece of candy! I just released Dark Delia, my newest creation. Everything that you need, minus shape, is available to make yourself into this cute and dark dolly. The outfit includes shirt, collar, cuffs, skirt, panties and socks. There are several accessories and add ons...
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Featured in Nu Vibez Magazine

10/13/2009 18:43
Read about Wretched Hollow and Wretched Dollies in Nu Vibez magazine! Starting on page 42. I was contacted by NuVibez a while back about being featured in their October issue. Here is the link .

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